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About IFC

With the press of a button we give you direct access to online contracting, proposals, underwriting information, forms, applications and pending reports. You can quickly compare product categories, companies, specific policies, pricing, and underwriting requirements.

When you’re not sure what you need, give us a call at 800-598-5560 or submit your request online. One of our Producer Consultants will get back to you promptly to listen and help create a great solution for your client. This is better than calling a wholesaler because we’re positioned to help you find your prospect the best solution from a variety of top carriers. One of our advanced case specialists can help you present the large, complex or unusual case to your prospect.

But it doesn’t end there. Our focus is on building a relationship with you and providing what you need to grow your business. You will have preferred access to effective, private labeled marketing tools, prospecting solutions, underwriting support, client development resources and training.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – To be your insurance broker of choice.

We provide you with products and services to help your business thrive and grow. Our product portfolio is complete and designed to align with your business goals. We help you offer excellent solutions to your clients.

Our flexible responsive management and accessible staff are determined to exceed your expectations. We are here every day, supporting all of your needs, whether they be product training, sales training, marketing assistance or support of your efforts to serve advanced markets.

Our commitment is to help free your schedule and enhance your profits, so you can do more of the things you enjoy the most, both personally and professionally.

Why Choose IFC?

Some of the Reasons Why Agencies and Advisors Choose IFC

The staff of IFC has over 200 years of combined insurance experience. Our knowledge allows us to answer most of your questions right away, and more importantly, we know where to find accurate answers for those we don’t know right away. This means you can trust us to give you timely and accurate service.

When an Advisor works with IFC they earn top level commissions without having to meet minimum production standards in most lines of business. IFC’s total volume meets this requirement for them. This means Advisors that work with IFC get top contracts with top companies without the stress and conflicts of interest associated with direct contracts.

You have 24/7 access to cutting edge technology including Online Pending Reports that allow you to see pending policies in the underwriting process, with all companies, in one report. This means you can conveniently get the answers you need when you want them.

Our client management and commission accounting systems, helps us to support you and provide you with consolidated commission statements and 1099’s. We can provide individual and Consolidated Agency/Firm Commission Statements. This means you can spend less time doing bookkeeping and accounting.

You can complete real-time illustrations and download up to date forms from our website for multiple companies and multiple lines of business. You will always have accurate proposals and current forms. This means you can do work right the first time avoiding the delays and expense of having to do it over again.

You have access to live and online training choices. Our training is designed to meet your specific needs. You learn to combine the product features necessary to create solutions that provide your prospects the benefits they want. This means you convert more interviews to sales.

You can access turnkey seminars for many insurance products and planning concepts. This means we can present educational seminars for you, train you to present them, or provide them to you to help you build client relationships and increase sales.

We offer free CE credits at our annual golf outing, every year, at no cost to you. This keeps you compliant and up-to-date on insurance and financial concepts.

You can outsource some of your backroom work to the IFC support staff instead of having to bring on new employees. This means you save payroll expense and payroll taxes. If you are unavailable, your clients can call direct to IFC for answers. This means they get the quality service they expect, even if you are temporarily unable to provide it.

IFC has diverse company and product portfolio. You have access to a one stop Broker for insurance and annuities. This means you can call one place to get multiple questions answered and save the time and avoid the frustration that comes from calling multiple brokers.

You can enlist our Producer Consultants and Firm Principles to do Joint Work in specialized and Advanced Markets. We’ll work with you, in the field on a split commission basis providing the experience and expertise you need to fully serve your clients. This means you can say “Yes” working on the large or complex case.  You’ll keep the competition away, build client loyalty, and earn the full compensation you deserve for serving more client needs.

Concierge Services

Our concierge services position you to remain independent and compete with mega agencies or the national brokerage firms for highly profitable clients. We offer these services because we believe independent agents are essential for individuals and business owners to benefit from unbiased risk management advice and appropriate insurance protection. 

You may agree that increasing your bottom-line revenue in this era of growing product and regulatory complexity is extremely challenging.  This has forced many agencies and independent agents into joining a mega agency or a national brokerage firm so they have access to the systems and specialists necessary to win and keep high quality clients.  Our concierge services offer you an alternative allowing you to remain independent and to build your local brand.

Business and Practice Valuation Services

Whether you are bringing on a junior partner, documenting the value of your business for a buy-sell agreement or preparing to sell your business; careful valuation is critical. We can help you determine the real value of your business. Through careful and systematic analysis, we will help you discover the fair range of value for your business. This service is provided on a fee basis. Contact us to discuss your situation and for an initial no cost meeting. We also have interested buyers for agencies.

Marketing Solutions
  • “Do Not Call” Scrubbed Mailing Lead Lists
  • Direct Response Mailing Programs
  • Turnkey Seminars
  • Co-op Reimbursement Programs
  • Preferred Producer Program – We connect you to other producers and agency groups to help everyone leverage their individual expertise, experience and contacts. This means you can spend more of your time selling the products and solutions you know best to qualified and interested prospects.
Company Contracts & Products Access

Company Contracts and Products Access

We offer a diverse company and product portfolio that includes approximately 100 top insurance carriers. Lines of business we offer include:

  • Life
  • Long-term Care
  • Annuities
  • Individual Health and Disability
  • Medicare Supplements, Advantage Plans and Part D Medical
  • Group Health, Life, DI, Dental and Vision
  • Voluntary Worksite
  • Identity Theft

Contracts that help you earn top level commissions without having to meet minimum production standards in most lines of business.

  • Fast quote and product illustration turnaround
  • Underwriting support
  • 24/7 online access to:
    • Consolidated Online Pending Reports
    • Individual or Consolidated Agency/Firm Commission Statements
    • Quotes and illustrations
    • Applications and forms
    • Online Contracting System

We offer a variety of turn-key seminar options for the public and work-site presentation.  We support your seminar marketing efforts in multiple ways.


  • If you are experienced with presenting seminars, you can present it!
  • If you need a little or a lot of training before presenting your seminar, we can provide it!
  • If you can’t or don’t want to host a seminar, we can do it for you!
Advanced Markets Consulting

Our principals and staff have over 200 years of combined experience designing and consulting with producers to develop creative and effective insurance solutions. This means when you need case design assistance you can call IFC for unbiased, professional and experienced guidance. We will answer your questions and help you write the large cases. Some of the markets include:


  • Premium Finance
  • Life Settlements
  • Business Continuation
  • Executive Benefits
  • 419(e) Plans
  • Estate Liquidity Planning
  • Charitable Giving/Tax Exempt Trusts
  • Worksite Voluntary Products Sale/Enrollment
Joint Field Work

Our Producer Consultants and Firm Principles do joint work in specialized and advanced markets. We will work in the field with you, providing the experience and expertise you need to fully serve your clients. We’ll help you keep the competition away and build client loyalty.

Business Continuation Planning

If your decision is to bring a family member or key staff person into an ownership position, we can help. This service addresses the financial, managerial, organizational and emotional issues that need to be resolved to make the transition smooth. You will be able to comfortably create a personalized plan that makes financial and emotional sense for you, your business and your business successor.

What Our Partners Are Saying

IFC has been a tremendous asset for Heidebrink & Assoc. Agency. They offer us assistance from health ins., Medicare supplements, long term care and disability. The service is outstanding, very professional and certainly appreciated.

L and J Heidebrink

My experience with IFC over the last 20+ years has been nothing but positive, my family agency has grown every year with the help of the great staff at IFC. The hands- on help during the most turbulent times in history for the insurance industry, has been nothing but incredible. Not knowing from one day to the next what the new health care laws will bring, was putting us in a state of confusion. IFC was the voice of reason and a steady resource, simply we couldn’t have done it without them. The sales support, the product knowledge that they bring forward along with the sense of being part of a team that genuinely cares about the producer is the true benefit of working with IFC. This isn’t found today and anywhere else, many firms promise you the world and only know you if you’re the top producer. IFC appreciates all your business regardless of your total sales.

S. Schumaci

I worked with IFC from the beginning to the end of my 22-year insurance career. In the early years they helped with marketing ideas and lead generation. They always provided great ideas, service and support. When I decided to retire, I was rewarded for my years of service when they bought my book of business providing me years of retirement income.

C. Eid

IFC provides the best backroom help I have ever received in my 30 years in business. Innovative ideas, follow through and timely service delivered in the most friendly way.

J. Whelan

Last year we were forced to pick a Blue Cross Blue Shield PGA, we met with all the companies that were available. But in the end, we made a great choice by choosing IFC! Since we started with them, we added several carries that we did not have access to before and that has broadened our product offerings and increased our retention rate. We have been able to continue to grow and expanded what we are doing for our clients and have had access to opportunities that we did not have before. The staff at IFC are amazing whenever there has been an issue or a question that I needed all the different staff members have been easy to get a hold of, work with and we have gotten a quick responses and resolutions. We were forced into the decision, but we are so glad that we choose IFC it has been a great relationship and we are looking for to a successful relationship moving forward. Please feel free to contact me if you want more details on how IFC has helped our Agency.

J. Romeo

We began to work with IFC in late 2016. IFC’s staff is organized and helpful. IFC has helped us grow our small group business with their knowledgeable client service and expertise.

With IFC’s help, we were able to minimize the impact of our reduced commissions by increasing our new client volume and marketing some alternate products to our current clients. We were also able to be more efficient with our time by dramatically reducing our hold time with insurance vendors by contacting IFC directly with any issues.

M. Gallagher

I have been associated with IFC for more than ten years and have nothing but praise and admiration for the help and information they have provided making my insurance career successful. The staff is the best I‚ have worked with in twenty years in the industry. They do the little things that are many times overlooked by other marketing agencies. They encourage products that are consumer friendly and agent fair that help cement lasting business relationships. I‚ am proud to refer any independent agent their way and glad to call them friends. Thanks again, IFC, for your hard work and honesty.

T. Johannes

The array of products they offer and the excellent service received from the staff —this is most certainly true!

K. Amundson

Let me begin by stating that there probably has never been a more loyal representative than I have been to the Principal Life for the past 45 years. If it didn’t have The Principals name on the product, I didn’t market it. My relationship with IFC Marketing began approximately 6 or 7 years ago through the efforts of Steve Peterson. He was able to show me that my business needed to market Long Term Care to my clients. He then introduced me to Butch, who immediately impressed me with her knowledge of this product, but above all, she was as SERVICE ORIENTED to customers as I have been throughout my entire career. IFC Marketing has certainly filled a void in my business the past few years. My only regret is that I did not become a part of your organization much sooner.

J. Hoffmann, LUTCF

We made our decision to go with IFC shortly after meeting with them. Our staff ranges in age from 28 to 67, and all of us felt comfortable moving forward with them. Their employees are both knowledgeable and responsive, and we’ve been able to trust in their experience from day one. We feel that our client’s best interests come first with IFC, and that is why we choose to continue to partner with them.

M. Petersen

Thank you very much for your help in solving claim problems and servicing our clients. You get it done quickly too. I know you have other customers, but you always get back to me in a timely fashion. Being able to use email to communicate really helps. So, thanks for your help. It makes it easy to help our customers!


I am writing this letter to give the highest possible praise and recommendation to IFC National Marketing. I started in the life and health insurance business approximately four years ago with limited experience and limited knowledge of the industry. Very early on IFC was recommended to me as a premier distributor and extremely valuable resource. I can honestly tell you that IFC has exceeded my expectations in every way. At the beginning of my career they were there to help educate me on product lines, insurance companies, and general industry information. The IFC team has helped facilitate my appointments with many top companies and provided me with much needed customer service assistance as I built my customer base.

Over the last several years I have relied on IFC for expertise on changing market conditions, product quotations, sales training, new revenue stream opportunities, and even the occasional golf lesson!

Whether you are in the life, health, annuities, worksite benefits, or any other insurance segment covered by IFC, they will have an expert that can assist you every step of the way. You will not be disappointed!

I consider every member of the IFC team a personal friend. They have helped me grow my business steadily and I look forward to many, many more great years of friendship, service, and partnership with IFC.

I would like to give a very personal thank you to Todd Villeneuve, Dave Martens, and Dave Thesing for everything that you have done for me to date – you are truly industry leaders.

M. Anderson