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Insurance is a business built on relationships, and I take those relationships seriously. I introduce new agents to the industry, and I consider them my friends. I know their families, we go to happy hours together, and I get invested in them as people who I want to see grow and succeed. I want agents to feel comfortable calling me at 10:00 on a Saturday night, whether it’s to talk business or just chat for a while. 


While this approach is based in who I am and how I like to do business — I’m a people person through and through – creating and maintaining personal connections also makes good business sense, because the more I know about the agents I work with, the better equipped I will be to help them develop a strategy that supports their business growth. Here’s an example: I work with an agent who loves pickleball, a sport that also happens to appeal to his Medicare clientele. So, I helped him set up pickleball tournaments to promote his business. And because he’s already enthusiastic about pickleball in his own life, it’s easier for him to commit to the event and to come across as authentic to the clients and potential clients who participate in these events. 


IFC is my first insurance-industry job (Fun fact: If the pandemic had never happened, I’d probably be in England practicing international law as a barrister right now.) and I honestly feel like I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. My coworkers are some of my favorite people in the world, and I consider them family. People here embrace ideas from every source, and they encourage me to chase my passions, including embracing the next generation of insurance agents and financial advisors and advocating to bring more women into the industry. To that end, I recently joined the board of Women in Insurance and Financial Services. I feel like the opportunities are endless here, and I love that I get to share those opportunities with the agents I have come to care so much about.

Audrey Villeneuve

Senior Sales Consultant Medicare & Ind Health

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IFC Expands Industry Leadership as Audrey Villeneuve is Appointed to Women in Insurance and Financial Services Board of Directors

IFC Expands Industry Leadership as Audrey Villeneuve is Appointed to Women in Insurance and Financial Services Board of Directors

Villeneuve has organized events and spoken at industry conferences on the importance of increasing the number of women working in financial services; she will serve on the organization’s marketing and recruitment committees

Coon Rapids, MN (February 5, 2024) – IFC National Marketing (IFC), the fastest-growing insurance marketing organization (IMO) in the Midwest, is pleased to announce that senior sales consultant Audrey Villeneuve has accepted a board position with the Minnesota-Twin Cities chapter of Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS), a nationwide organization that offers professional development, mentorship, and peer support to female agents and advisors. 

Villenueve was recruited to join the WIFS board after successfully organizing and hosting events and speaking at insurance industry conferences on the importance of  increasing the number of women who work in financial services. The WIFS board appointment is indicative of Villeneuve’s commitment to elevating women insurance professionals and ushering in the next generation of female agents and advisors. During her tenure on the WIFS board, Villeneuve will serve on the marketing and recruitment committees.

“WIFS is a phenomenal organization created by women, for women, and I have been impressed with their commitment to support women through education, mentorship, and peer support,” said Villeneuve. “I’ve had the tremendous honor to learn from some incredible women at IFC and elsewhere as I have grown in my professional life, and I look forward to bringing those lessons into this new role to provide resources and connections that help women advance their careers.” 

Currently, women make up 60% of insurance industry employees but only 29% of senior leadership; meanwhile, only about 28% of financial advisors are women. WIFS hosts several educational events and webinars throughout the year, as well as networking events and other activities to change this dynamic. The group also offers scholarships and awards to recognize outstanding women in the industry. Villeneuve hopes to at least double membership in the organization by the end of 2024 and expand involvement from women in all parts of the insurance and financial advising industries. 

Learn more about IFC at or explore professional development opportunities through WIFS at

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