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Most retirees are concerned about the rising cost of health care, and this creates an opportunity for you to show them proven ways to manage these costs. Medical bills, insurance premiums, and out-of-pocket expenses are all rising faster than the rate of inflation. When coupled with historically low bank saving rates, your clients are losing purchasing power during every year of retirement.

When you are ready, IFC is here to help you learn and share proven strategies that every retiree should consider to manage rising health care costs to preserve their retirement lifestyle. You benefit because educated and informed clients are more likely to continue buying from you and refer their friends and relatives to you.

Most agents are pleased to discover how our turn-key marketing tools help you bring this valuable service to your client’s attention. And we can quickly train you or your staff and supply you with the carrier contracts you need to provide this valuable service. If you don’t have any extra hours in your day to provide this service, we will do it for you, putting money in your pocket without adding a dime to your fixed overhead expenses.

Call us today at 800-598-5560 or email info@ifcnationalmarketing.com to discover how helping clients manage the rising cost of health care will enhance your client relationships and boost your bottom-line profits.



David Thesing

IFC National Marketing