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Never before have so many people been a part of the sandwich generation. Most have 3 big financial concerns. One, Saving enough for retirement; Two, Financing their children’s education; and Three, Caring for aging parents Unless your client is super-wealthy, most of them are asking, “What’s the best way to allocate my limited cash flow to fund each of these concerns?”

The good news is there an answer to this question, for every one of your clients, and using our services you can help them find it. You’ll benefit from this service because all of your clients will be grateful for your help, and many of them will reposition assets or purchase additional insurance products to finance their needs.

IFC is here to help you provide your clients with the information they need in one-on-one meetings and informational online or live client workshops. If you are looking for proven ways to enhance your agency’s reputation, increase client retention and grow your bottom-line profits, just give us a call or email today.

(800) 598-5560

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