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Over the course of my 16 years in the insurance industry, I have developed an unshakeable belief that this is a personal business, above all else. I enjoy getting to know the agents I work with personally and professionally, because it allows me to do a better job providing the education and follow-up that supports their needs, wants, and goals. This means having a lot of conversations, and doing a lot of listening to learn where each agent is on their professional journey and what they value in terms of education and support. As a result, I can provide the unmatched service that IFC is known for. I take great pride in hearing from agents that they’ve never received this level of support anywhere else. This takes a lot of work, but the result is that agents and advisors are happy, and never see a reason to go elsewhere. 


I feel like my personal approach is a natural fit with the way IFC does business. The team at IFC has consistently treated me like an individual, sought out my input, and valued my opinion when making decisions. The culture here is unmatched, and we have an amazing team from top to bottom. IFC has given me the flexibility I need to live my life on my own time. When the advisors and agents I work with learn that I am a single mother of two, they wonder how I’m able to manage everything. The reality is, that without the support I receive from IFC, it would be much more difficult.

Jennifer Wick

Regional Sales Director Annuity External Sales

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