When you join IFC National Marketing, you’re not just joining a team, you’re becoming part of our family. Our family is a combination of onsite, remote, and hybrid insurance professionals who have a passion for helping agents and advisors succeed, and for protecting the health and assets of individuals, families, and employer groups across the nation.

We’re the Midwest’s fastest growing insurance marketing organization for a reason: Because we are like-minded experts who treat our employees, our agents and their clients like family.

Work hard. Play hard. Repeat.

Looking for a dynamic, high-energy team that knows how to have fun?
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Honoring and encouraging diversity is at the very heart of selling insurance. Every team member, every agent, every individual and family, and every employer group has a unique perspective and experiences that influence their story and their needs. Our team at IFC National Marketing and the agents we support are committed to providing insurance and financial products that recognize diversity and that encourage equality.

Giving Back

 We know how important it is, and sometimes how challenging it can be, for communities of all sizes to thrive.That’s why IFC National Marketing supports the communities we serve through service projects and donations. Check out a few of our quarterly Give Back Campaigns, and contact us if your nonprofit or community organization could use our support.

75% of IFC employees participate in some type of philanthropic activity.


A fulfilling career is about more than a title and a paycheck; you want support for your health and financial future, and the ability to pursue your personal passions. That’s why IFC National Marketing offers a robust employee benefits package that includes everything you need, and some pleasant surprises.

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Current Openings

We are seeking someone who would describe themselves as a team player, committed to excellence and driven to provide a consistently superior client experience. Our team is comprised of people who have a passion for providing world class service to those who do business with us.

Do you know someone who is looking for meaningful work helping others? Our IFC Health team is hiring two Health Product Support Specialists to be located at our office in Coon Rapids, MN. We are looking for individuals who align with our core values, lead with a servant's heart, and will provide world class service for our agents and advisors.

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IFC National Marketing, Inc is an independent insurance marketing organization. We help independent insurance agents service the needs of their clients and help them find insurance solutions that fit the needs of those clients.  We have multiple offices in MN where we have a passion to provide world class service to those who do business with us nationally.

We are seeking a candidate who can align with the company’s core values and would describe themselves as driven to lead with passion, loyal and focused on problem solving. 

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Helping people is the name of the game. An insurance agent is someone who assesses needs, educates clients, and helps guide clients to informed decisions. People depend on insurance agents to educate them on what all this insurance stuff means. Our role as the agent is crucial to our clients in regard to their healthcare, financial strategies, and the legacy of their life.

Here are examples of responsibilities representing typical tasks you are likely to perform in this role.

  • Manage communication points between corporate advisers, providers and patients for medical service questions.
  • Sell/Enroll individuals in ACA health plans
  • Explain healthcare benefits cover by major insurance carriers under the ACA.
  • Verify clients' eligibility and check clients' status within CMS.
  • Maintain knowledge of updates and staying in compliance with CMS rules and regulations by being AHIP certify.
  • Provide consultative and professional counsel to clients regarding health and life insurance.
  • Resolve clients' problems which include appeals and follow-ups.
  • Verify Medicaid eligibility with state agencies.
  • Educate and assist Medicare and Medicaid customers regarding insurance purchases.
  • Cross selling supplemental insurance, annuities for retirement or diversification of certain portfolios.
  • Communicate with patients, providers and insurance companies regarding coverage and reimbursement issues.
  • Generate referral business and cultivate individual lead sources, using networking and prospecting techniques to grow potential sales opportunities.
  • Interview and assess prospect's insurance and annuity needs

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My IFC Experience

“I have amazing and supportive coworkers. We are a team! Everyone at IFC lives by and demonstrates our core values. I am honored to be able to help people and make a difference in their lives. I am afforded growth opportunities.”

Naomi Buie, Senior & Individual Products Director

“Every day I am surrounded by like minded people who have a passion for helping agents, members, and carriers alike. At IFC we do not rest upon what we have done, but rather look ahead at what is next, as we develop systems/support that drive our ultimate goal of helping agents succeed. IFC has allowed me to live the life I want to live. Allowing me to do what I love with people I truly enjoy – While giving me the time to enjoy personal hobbies, passions, and interests that keep me energized.”

John Quarles, VP of Service Operations

“Management genuinely cares for each other and the people we are helping. Never a boring day! In an industry that is constantly changing, we are always learning.What started out as a job 23 years ago, quickly turned into a career that I love.”

Stacey Braun, Commission Controller