Honesty, integrity, and a good game of ping pong

Strong relationships are key to success in the insurance business, and I believe that any good relationship is built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and transparency. And sometimes, that means putting the best interests of the client above personal financial gain. This approach allows me to build trust with agents and clients because they know I will give them a straight answer, which has helped me make connections throughout the industry. 


Beyond honesty and integrity, I find I am able to build relationships because of my broad range of interests and experiences. I worked as an insurance marketing specialist before joining IFC in 2022, but I’ve also been a property manager and remain the owner of a family janitorial company. This diverse professional experience has given me the ability to connect with a wide variety of people. Outside of work, I love video games, studying history and philosophy, and I’m a high-level skateboarder and athlete who rarely loses a game of ping pong. With such broad life experiences, I can find common ground with anyone when I sit down face to face with them. 


IFC has been a perfect fit for me because they understand the power of relationships, and they recognize that it is better to help people make an informed decision than to push them toward a purchase that might be better for the agent than the client. The company has also been tremendously supportive of letting me work where my strengths are. In my case, that means getting out and seeing people face to face and building connections from the ground up. 

Jay Ramirez Senior Sales Consultant Medicare & Ind Health

Jay Ramirez

Senior Sales Consultant Medicare & Ind Health

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