Achieve more with IFC National Marketing.

As an independent agent or advisor, you put the needs of your clients first, which means you may find yourself short on time, energy and resources to nurture the growth of your business and your personal goals. IFC National Marketing can help. 

When you contract with IFC we deliver the products, tools, resources, and support to help you serve more clients and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself and your business. 

Not sure what your goals are? No worries. Our team of business and insurance experts can help you define your future success and chart a path that will empower you to meet or exceed those goals, without sacrificing the time you want to spend with family and friends, doing the things you love most.

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Your Very Own Bench of Experts

You’ve proven that you can do it all, but that doesn’t mean you should. If you want to serve more clients and have a life outside work, you need support. IFC National Marketing services as your very own bench of experts that you can call on at any time for business development, sales support, marketing expertise, and more.

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Todd Villeneuve

Managing Partner

Aaron Niedorf

Executive Vice President of Sales

John C Quarles

Vice President of Service Operations

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Audrey Villeneuve

Sales Consultant Medicare Sr/Ind Health Sales

Jay Ramirez

Senior Sales Consultant Medicare Sr/Ind Health Sales

Zach Munger

Regional Sales Director Health & Sr Products Sr/Ind Health Sales

Naomi Buie

Director Sr, Ind, and Group Products Support

Dar Medcalf

Sr & Ind Product Support Specialist

Connie Anthony

Sr & Ind Product Support Specialist

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Todd Stead

Regional Group Benefit Sales, Concierge Group Benefits

Mike Oothoudt

Group Health Producer Consultant, Concierge Group Benefits

Troy Stenzel

Group Product Support Specialist

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Jen Wick

Regional Sales Director Annuity External Sales

Lou Filip

Senior Sales Consultant Annuity Internal Sales

Brenda Douglass

Regional Sales Director Life External Sales

Wade Huber

Senior Sales Consultant Life Internal Sales

Jay M. Loe, CLTC

Regional Sales Director

Andy Wayt

Concierge Director

Jenny Turberville

Senior Case Manager

Jenna DeLong

Senior Case Manager

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Anna Metzger

Contracting & Agency Support Specialist

Jillian Cross

Contracting & Agency Support Specialist

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Stacey Braun

Commissions Controller

Lynn Rangel

Staff Accountant, Commissions & AP

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Jill Doyle

Executive Assistant

Terri Jantunen

Administrative Assistant

Patti Quarles

Executive Assistant/Marketing Support

Concierge Services

To build a successful business, you sometimes need partners. And as your Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) partner, IFC National Marketing is here to provide the helping hand and the expert advice you need when you don't have the time or expertise to handle it yourself.

We offer a unique point-of-sale service model that is designed to help you increase your book of business by offering the solutions and support your clients need, without detracting from your core business or requirements you

The Products you Need. The Carriers Your Trust.

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