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Beginning August 31, 2020 we are updating our website security and implementing a two-factor authentication process to log into our site. After you complete the steps below, each time you log into our website you will receive a six-digit security code to enter. This method confirms that you are in fact, the person logging into our site. This is the same type of security feature that many online businesses and retailers use.

There are a few steps you must complete in order to access our site starting on August 31, 2020. Please be sure to read this message in its entirety to ensure you have continued access to the password protected areas of our website. You cannot complete the set-up until August 31st.

1. On the login page, enter your current username and password and select “Send Verification Code”. This will prompt an email to be sent to the email address you entered when you initially requested access to the IFC website. Most people have their email address as their username. If you don’t that’s OK, you will still enter your username.

The email will be from: website@ifcnationalmarketing.com

The subject will be: IFC National Marketing phone registration

Be sure to check your junk/spam folder for the email.

2. When you receive this email, click the link within the message to be directed to a page where you will enter your cell phone number. It must be a number to a device that can receive text message (cell phone, iPad, etc.) as you will receive a code via text message each time you log into our site. It should also be to a device that you regularly have available when accessing our website.

PLEASE NOTE: When you enter your cell phone number, you MUST enter it with a preceding +1. For example, if your cell phone number is 507-574-1234, you will enter +1-507-574-1234. If you do not enter +1, you will not receive the required code via text message.

3. Next, navigate back to the login page of the IFC website and enter your username and password and select “Send Verification Code”. You will then receive a six-digit code via text message to your cell phone. The message will be, “Your verification code is ******”. (The **** will be a six-digit code). Enter this code in the Verification Code section on the website.

After completing steps 1-3 above, each time you log into the IFC website you will enter your username and password then select “Send Verification Code”. The verification code will be sent via text message to the cell phone number you entered in step 2 above.


1. If you do not receive the automated email mentioned in step 1 above, you should first check your junk/spam folder. If you cannot locate the email, contact IFC and be prepared to provide your cell phone number.

2. If you change your cell phone number after you complete the above steps, you should contact IFC to update your information.

3. If you do not receive the six-digit code via text message, you should check with your cellular service provider to verify you are able to receive auto-texts.

If you require assistance with the initial set-up of our enhanced security features, please contact IFC via email or phone at 800-598-5560.