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What is your client’s most valuable asset? – Their personal property, including vehicles? Their home? Their retirement account? For most people under the age of 55, you might be surprised to learn it’s none of these items. If your clients are financially above average, their personal property and vehicle might be worth $100,000; the equity in their home $125,000; and their retirement account $175,000.

All numbers they worked hard to increase during their working years. Most agents don’t consciously realize that their client’s potential earning power can quickly surpass these numbers. If your client is earning $50,000 per year and plans on working for only 10 more years, the value of their earning power is $500,000, and often exceeds the value of everything they’ve worked hard to accumulate.

Have you helped your clients protect their most valuable asset? If not, contact us today to discover how to easily add life and disability coverage to your client’s insurance program. If you are too busy to do this yourself, simply ask if your agency qualifies to participate in our concierge service, where we will do the work for you without adding to your overhead expenses.

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David Thesing

IFC National Marketing, Minnesota