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For most people, the day they buy their home is one of the most exciting days of their lives. Very often the reality of the financial commitment made doesn’t hit home until signing closing documents when they see that the total owed on the mortgage (with interest) is approximately twice what they paid for the home. That’s why they buy homeowners insurance to protect their financial commitment in case of fire, windstorm, or some other covered peril. As a professional insurance agent, you realize there are two other significant questions they must answer to protect against financial loss.

One, Do I have adequate reserves to make payments if I’m laid off my job or suffer a disability? And Two, how will my loved ones pay for our home if I die prematurely? If you’re like most agents, you are either uncomfortable raising these questions or you don’t have the time to talk about them. The good news is you don’t need to keep your clients at risk because we’ll show you how to quickly have the conversation, or you can work with one of our concierges to have it on your behalf. Either way, your client benefits from getting the insurance protection they need, and you increase your income without adding to your workload.

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