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For most people, buying a home is one of the most exciting days of their lives. It’s a big financial commitment and that’s why you bought homeowners insurance to protect your financial future in case of fire, windstorm or some other covered peril. As your professional insurance agent, I want you to be aware of three important facts, and help you find answers to two significant questions that will protect you against financial loss.

First, the facts: One in 1,200 homes will burn, 48% of foreclosures are caused by disability, and one in five people die before age 65. Ask yourself the following questions – One, Do I have adequate reserves to make payments if I’m laid off my job or suffer a disability? And Two, How will my loved ones pay for our home if I die prematurely? We are here to help you find answers to these questions and make sure you have the right kind insurance to keep you and your loved ones in your home.

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